2024 European Elections: Gear up and seize the moment!

2024 will be a decisive year for the EU institutions and every stakeholder interacting with them. New Members will join the European Parliament, new political alliances will be formed, new Commissioners will be elected, and new strategic priorities will be defined for the next five years.

Your organisation’s empowerment at the EU level before and just after the elections can create a legacy that resonates far beyond 2024, in terms of access to key decision makers, as well as in shaping the strategic priorities and narratives that matter for your sector. To be able to act strategically, you also need to be well-informed and comprehend the implications of the political developments.

There will be a lot do to in a short period of time and in a very competitive environment for the EU policymakers’ attention. Stay ahead of the curve with Aliénor.

Aliénor can support you in shaping tomorrow's policies!

Leveraging our extensive experience from previous elections, along with a well-established network and proven public affairs tools, we are ready to help you become an active participant in shaping future EU policies. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. We craft customised strategies that align seamlessly with your organizational goals.

We can:

  • Define your EU strategic action plan

    In the run-up to the elections, defining an EU strategic plan for your organisation or sector is paramount to make sure that you have a clear set of priorities as well as short, medium and long- term objectives. We can also advise you on the activities and tools you need to reach the defined objectives.

  • Develop your manifesto

    A manifesto presents your organisation in an engaging and concise way, along with your key political messages and priorities. It is a useful tool to send or hand over to decision makers so that they know or remember your key positions at a glance. We can draft it for you.

  • Inform you on EU political developments and advise you

    We can provide you with a special EU election monitoring, sending you targeted information. Our reports will give you valuable insight into future institutional trends, the priorities of the European Parliament and the European Commission and their potential impact on your activities.

  • Brief you on the elections and their impact on your sector

    We can organise a tailor-made seminar to brief you and your members with detailed and clear information on the functioning of the EU institutions, the electoral process and its outcomes, so that you can fully comprehend the impact of EU political developments (new alliances in the European Parliament, new Commission priorities…) on your activities.

  • Build a solid network of influence

    The start of a new legislature is the perfect time to build a network of supportive MEPs who can share and defend your positions in the European Parliament. A number of leadership and political positions within the European Commission will be filled by new officials (Members of Cabinet, Director General, Directors, etc.). They will play a key role in shaping the new priorities of the EU. Meeting these policymakers early on will be a crucial part of getting your messages across. We can help you target the right persons and forge alliances and partnerships that strengthen your position.

  • Amplify your message online

    Lobbying strategies are stronger when coupled with good communication tools. We can support you in setting-up and managing your communication channels to be identified early on as a relevant and reliable stakeholder. We can help to transform your positions into clear and strong political messages and make sure that they reach the relevant policymakers.