We are experts in the fields below, but our fields of expertise are constantly expanding depending on our clients’ needs.


The EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is at the heart of the EU project: EU crop and livestock farmers’ activities are mostly regulated by the EU institutions. Aliénor works hand in hand with its clients to promote their best practices through transparent and constructive dialogue. Our objective is to achieve balanced, sustainable agricultural policy decisions that also value human interests. Our team works on several EU and national policies related to agriculture, as shown below.

  • Farm to Fork Strategy
  • Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Industrial emissions
  • Environment
  • Promotion of agricultural products
  • Animal welfare
  • Animal health
  • Labelling
  • Nutrition

Success Story

Aliénor regularly organises farm visits, allowing policymakers and any other interested stakeholders to get to know a sector better through a field experience. These visits give farmers the opportunity to have direct exchanges with policymakers.

Success Story

Aliénor has launched and provides the secretariat of AREME, an association gathering around the same table different organisations sharing a common goal of making the recycling of small aluminium packaging a reality and developing activities to achieve this objective. Aliénor’s activities go from developing and implementing lobbying strategies for the working group, facilitating the exchange of knowledge (including technical knowledge) and organising visits and tests on the field.

Circular economy

In a world of limited resources, Aliénor supports its clients in their initiatives to ensure that technical and logistical solutions are in place, helping them close the loop and achieve their environmental policy objectives. Aliénor’s circular-economy experts work on different policies aiming at attaining the objectives of a more circular economy.

At the EU level and in the framework of the EU Green Deal:

  • Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and related legislation (REACH, etc.)
  • Circular Economy Action Plan, including waste management and sustainable products legislation and initiatives

At the national level (Belgium and Luxembourg):

  • Waste management legislation and systems
  • Extended producer responsibilities
  • Life cycle assessment

Creative industries

Europe is a land of traditions, know-how and beauty. It is home to the world's most prestigious craftsmen. These sectors rely on SMEs that must comply with a variety of EU policies. Aliénor takes part in the promotion of their know-how and interests. Our team works on different policies related to these sectors, such as:

  • Consumer policy
  • Labelling
  • Due diligence
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Mutual recognition of goods
  • Harmonisation
  • International trade
  • Pact for skills
  • The New European Bauhaus

Success Story

Aliénor and the French Savoir-Faire Institute (INMA) have jointly produced a benchmark study on the artistic crafts and living heritage sector. The study shows how this sector responds to a number of European priorities, including the New European Bauhaus linked to sustainability and the EU Pact for Skills, while providing concrete examples of good practice. It also highlights what the European Union can do to support the development of artistic crafts and living heritage. High-level decision-makers responded positively to the study.

Success Story

Aliénor has created and runs the secretariat of the European Parliament Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment (RecFishing Forum) since 2014. This informal group gathering EU stakeholders, MEPs and other relevant EU decision-makers has helped our clients raising awareness on the important consequences of EU decisions on their sector.

Aquaculture and fisheries

Few economic sectors are more affected by the EU decisions than the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. Our objective is to achieve with our clients a sustainable, fair and competitive blue growth for the future. Aliénor has developed sound expertise in this field, particularly in relation to the EU policies concerning sea and inland waters, such as:

  • The Common Fisheries Policy
  • The EU aquaculture initiatives such as the Strategic Guidelines for the Development of EU Aquaculture
  • The environmental legislation in relation to the aquatic environment
  • The Common Market Organisation for fisheries and aquaculture products


Mobility and sustainability will be inseparable concepts in the future. Aliénor wants to help its clients push for the policy changes and adaptations needed to achieve the ambitious EU objectives in this field. Aliénor’s mobility experts work on different policies related to the development of sustainable mobility solutions, such as:

  • The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation
  • Vehicles’ environmental performances
  • The Renewable Energy Directive
  • The EU Emission Trading Scheme
  • The Energy Taxation Directive
  • The Batteries Regulation

Success Story

Aliénor has created the Sustainable Mobility European Platform in 2020 and runs its secretariat. The Platform is a multi-stakeholders, multi-sector and European informal discussion group which provides a unique space for dialogue, debate and networking opportunities for mobility stakeholders, MEPs and other relevant EU decision-makers. By facilitating the secretariat of this discussion group, Aliénor offers to its clients an additional channel to bring forward their policy priorities and recommendations, as well as possibilities for more synergies to provide answers to the complex challenge of making mobility more sustainable across Europe.